The new posters of Auntie P and Web

THEY SAID it couldn’t be done! Well, we don’t know who ‘they’ are, and, maybe they should just mind their own bleedin’ business! But, Ray Zell has actually got his act together to do the artwork for these luxurious prints of Pandora, Pandora ‘Auntie P’ Peroxide and Web! Exclaimed Zell on seeing the prints, “I’m not usually happy with ANYTHIN’ I do – but I love these! They look nice. They feel nice. They’re…kinda nice”. Plus, they are individually signed by Ray, utilising red ink that was siphoned from the cartoon veins of Pandora, Auntie P and Web! TRUE! So. Yeah. There ya go. Available individually or as a special priced set. Bitch up yer life an’ whack ‘em on yer wall!