You, Me & Auntie P

Yes, yes, yes we all know your ultimate fantasy is to be pictured with me or Auntie P! Well, now it can be!
You will be drawn by Ray Zell in the bona fide Pandora strip semi-caricature style. Note: by hand, with inks, not a lazy stilted characterless digital tracing. Tsk.
And remember, this could also make the perfect one-off gift for a friend, enemy or pet Yeti.
The original art is composed of two pieces; the original A4 b&w ink version, complete with real-life Tippex corrections (free of charge!) and the clean copy which is hand coloured with final embellishments. You will, of course, receive both A4 pieces, signed an’ dated with love by that Ray Zell bloke.

Example shown here by Kitty Cowell

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Please allow up to 28 days for dispatch